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Orbis Viridi is changing, and things are waking…

Orbis Viridi is an old world. It has seen a Golden Age and a Dark Age, and only now finds itself striving towards the glory it once had. But constant reminders of the past still linger. The Patch floating in the Shattered Mirror, holding back the forces that would destroy our world. Races of Orcs and monstrous humanoids, originally made for wars thousands of years ended. Ancient Golems and Mechs, wandering through the ruins of the Precursors.

In the countries of Denos and Azer-Baresh unrest spreads and the world seems to teeter towards ruin, and while they are an Ocean apart, their fates have been tied together for thousands of year, and events in each are still felt wide.

It is in this world that our two tales are told.

Denos and the Old Empire

Denos was once the Capital province of the Old Empire, the now dissolved state that controlled the whole of Terra Lancia and the Eastern Coast of Terra Avium. The New Empire has become the premeire technological power of the planet, and is in the midst of an Industrial Revolution thanks to the power of Elemental Binding a recently ‘discovered’ science. It Here a group of Mercenaries, Scientists, and Adventures have started ‘The Travelers Guild’, with the intent of becoming one of the regions major factions.

Azer-Baresh and the Vizerate

Azer-Baresh in recent history was a vassal state to the Old Empire, but it is a ancient land, with a proud history of sorcery and trade. It has been over 100 years since the Old Empire fell and the country was returned to the control of the Vizerate, it’s ancient rulers. And while the country has grown and re-established it’s own identity, it still struggles to throw off the colonial influences of Denos and the other former states of the Old Empire.

Now there has been a Civil War between the Merchant Princes and The Sorcerer Vizers that has torn the country in two. Open fighting has stopped, but mercenaries still pour into the country from all sides, looking for work, either fighting or rebuilding the country.

It is here, in the city of Mola that a group of people have met, with the goal of saving this land, and maybe making some money while they’re at it.


This campaign is an experiment in joint storytelling. The following sets it apart from more conventional games:

  • The setting was developed by the players with the DM over the course of two starting sessions
  • The game consists of two separate campaigns, each being run by a different DM
  • Events in each campaign can and will affect the other
  • The Denos campaign is additionally an experiment in gameplay.
    • Experience is not awarded by encounter, levels and abilities are instead granted based on events in the story
    • There is no specifically planned game arc. Instead all factions have been given sets of goals and resources that determine their timelines and how they will go about accomplishing them.
  • The Azer-Baresh campaign is a more traditional tactical Pathfinder game starting at Level 5, with a semi-charted story arc.

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