Acturus is the capital city of Denos.
They are a strong economic presence in the region, with a strong techno-industrial bent. Acturus is the heart of the Denosian research effort, and contains the Arcane Research Institute, as well as numerous smaller research institutes, and of course, The Black Tower.

The city was constructed in a salt marsh, and a great deal of it is flooded with numerous small canals and waterways. Most major traffic throughout the city is ferried via gondolas or canal boats, but the city is also quite friendly to pedestrian traffic.

As a sea-side city with a fairly heavy industrial bent, Acturus is also a major shipping port.


Being constructed at the head of a large bay, Acturus is mostly semi-circular, and the city is broken up into a number of districts.

Important Organizations

The Crimson Tide
The Obleon Family


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