Bound Dreams

October posting


we made contact with the north side of the city and created a sort of path. We were accosted by Highwaymen who demanded payment. We called them on their ridiculousness

and left. Tanner got paid and we met back up with Jose’ (whose business was thriving). We committed our resources to finishing the dirigible. Jenthik attepted to sway

imperial mech into dealing with the highwaymen. We instead went and spoke with them again and worked a deal in which we cut each other bonuses for routing traffic

through our “safer” path. They were tied to the Obleon family.

We founded an organization to learn, protect (the weak), profit. This is a hidden mission statement for now, this is basically a shrouded intelligence agency.

10/2 2011

found material concerning musculature of orc arms and hyrdaulics in the facility we plundered as we scour the area.

Adventure log 9/25/ 2011


Jenthik awakes in the room where the mirrored man met him in the past. He nurses his head, and scopes the surrounding. He stumbles to door. Door is felt. He attempts

to push the non-push door. A man approaches and explains his error. Jen’thik swiftly passes out. He is brought to a couch and mumbles about dreams in his head which is

still there. “You washed up on-shore” he goes on to explain the catastrophe that occurred at the spire. "there is a great black orb, in which Orcs worship the orb in

place of your old research center. The golems keep guard in the desolate zone." Jen’thik responds "I leave for a week and the city goes to Orcs?! Any word on the state

of affairs at the library? Perhaps we should muster Imperial Mechinations and get organized?" The man explains a way in to the Orc encampment to begin taking power of

the control hubs to orient the Golems at the orcs. Jen’thik leaves the area and approaches an Aquarius corporation tent. He meets Celdryn, Tanner, and Creme’ after

searching for them and inquiring with the captain at arms (who was training in the nearby street).

The group searches in the rubble and re-routes away from a Ginormous GOlem that was fell by a group of running soldiers, the group hid as they passed. Jen’thik

attaches a ring of power to a conductive pole once he discovers an area with the “shimmer” the ring takes strike after strike of lightning and explodes, nocking 3

members of the party out. The group recovers and splits up in two parties, using Detect Magic to search for traces of Golem control nodes.

Creme and Tanner approach a hospital full of refugees and are forced to relinquish their weapons to a quartermaster.




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