Bound Dreams

12.11 Adventure Log

Adventure Log 12/11
The party
Celdryn is overseeing our map-maker who is currently working away. The party agrees to find Herzog and delve into the ruins of the library. We approach Herzog and he has opened a bit of the floor in his Makeshift lab. Stairs lead down to a door that is imprinted with a marking “Thadeus Windhelm”. Before opening the door Herzog begins tracing runes on the floor encircling the hole with the descending steps to the door. Herzog finishes and marks our foreheads with chalk before we open the door, to enter the ruins. THe party (Jen’thik, creme, Tanner, Melquades, and Relda) enters in, with Herzog trailing behind. We enter a room overlooking another library, there are a few doors, scattered papers, as well as desks and chairs piled towards the open doors. Relda mentions claw marks on a door and notices it’s been ripped in half. We step out to the south and there is a balcony over-looking the library below. We take the stairs down and Relda and Herzog notice a robed figured that darts away, Herzog shoots an arrow across and calls out “I come for you old one”. The party descends on the catwalks while scanning book titles. We approach a door and the party splits, Creme’ and Jenthik (AKA Gerald) get locked in the library while the remainder of the party looks on. They scan for specific things, each character: Tanner finds a small automaton and studies it, it is obviously precursor technology. Melquades enters in to the room. Relda observes the room after being prodded by Herzog as to the whereabouts of the group. He views the party through the door windows and witnesses the party groping around an empty room with broken windows. Tanner and Jenthik begin to move toward a tunnel (not real) and investigate, we are immensely confused. Everyone views imps moving towards besides Tanner. Relda runs in and pushes Tanner while grabbing him, Jenthik runs to close the door and the party steps back outside the door. Herzog runs out and opens the door, Imps attack him, around five of them. Melquades steps to the side as the group comes back through the door, the illusion is no longer affecting the adventurers.
Herzog takes some bites to the neck and shouts at the Imps. Creme’ draws his weapon. Jenthik moves up to defend Melquades. Tanner shoots an Imp with fire rounds. Relda heals Herzog lightly. Melquades draws forth and fires a rifle at the imp attacking Herzog. A fireball goes off in the middle of the group. The group begins murdering the imps one by one as the imps occasionaly grapple the adventurers. Herzog is separated from the group as the hooded figured appears from the shadows and begins casting Stone to Muck as per Jenthiks shouting. The group moves on South down a corridor they exit. We approach some stairs as the torches began self-illuminating. As we approach the stairs the illusion seems to strengthen, the book-shelfs in the first room have righted themselves and things seem to improve overall in the upholstery. Relda bows to the ground and seeks the ear of his god Azmodeus, granting him a temporary ability: channel energy favor. He immediately invokes his gods favor, the illusion recedes partially.
At the top of the staircase we see a full outline of a part going on in the background, a strong illusion fades into the parties’ perception as they walk. There is a giant mural on the wall depicting the city with a tower intact. Upon opening the doors the party sees a small-scale recreation of the city, as well as plaques on the wall detailing the city-founders and history of the city. The group follows a wizard in black toward a lecture hall as a lecture continues about early binding magic. Next door is another lecture hall discussing Advanced Magic Theory. Relda feels the end of the hall, for a hidden door. The group walks into a laboratory in which Mages are enchanting birds to surge with elemental power. The group moves on to another room in which there are larger cages and experiments with cadavers in which voltage is being ran through those same cadavers to evoke response. The group encounters a character and he notices us checking out his research in this room. Relda bluffs Donalaeus the Demonoligist, Creme’ hears him calling upon the powers of Malakar. Gerald kicks open the drawer Donalaeus put his notes in and casts spark on the parchments. The demonologist’s skin sluffs off his face as his eyes turn black. Gerald kicks him directly in the sack, to no avail. A fight ensues and the Daemonoligist burns to the ground in the plume of fire.

We run out of the room and a fog beings to appear, the group begins to get separated and lost in the fog. Each adventurers envisions his own little cul-de-sac in reality and dwells there, separated. Tanner runs away from a wave of water. Melquades shoots a “Skeleton Mage”. Gerald hugs Relda. All of the adventurers but Tanner and Melquades see Herzog being attacked by the hooded cloaked demon as he shouts at Creme’ who seems to be the only way capable of fully realizing the situation, there seem to be multiple layers of illusion spells layered on top of each other.Relda channels the favor of Azmodeus, and it turns out he was standing directly in front of the demon, a decrepit rotting maw peers back at him with maggots and rotting flesh. Gerald attempts to layer an illusion on top of the already powerful spells, to no avail. Melquades fires at the demon, as Relda’s call for favor shatters the illusion. Tanner stands up and fires his pistol into the demon. The party rallies together and cuts the demon down as Herzog stumbles away chugging potions. The party suffers a brief vision of the demons break-out hundreds of years ago. There is a huge reactor and this research facility seems to be intact, we begin to investigate. There is a powerful mace at the center of a nearby room which emanates with power. The party sorts through the books and shuffles through the facility. Herzog approaches a safe-door, applies his deities sigil, and welcomes the party to the arkturan shrine of Oghma.

Gerald discusses the nature of our guild with Herzog, keying him in to the entirety of our purpose, specifically in regards to the responsible use of knowledge. Herzog is wary, and explains that he will put his God’s wil first in regards to specific pursuits of knowledge. He is made aware of the fact that we have a shard of the sky in our possession, and we will bring it down to this Vault tomorrow.



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