Bound Dreams

10/23 Adventure Log (not formatted horribly)

Tanner begins building a stronger frame for the GOlem engine that is now present in the University, where the Guild is based. Celdryn found a Goblin cheiftain that was in a tent and he gave her some purple herb to smoke, she found a mystic goblin knownledge and speaks with him currently.* Jen’thik studies a revision on detect magic that is able to be maintained w/o constant focus. It’ll take up a 0 level spell slot, when all else do perception checks she’ll do spellcraft and perception.* Relda is speaking with a cleric at the encampment. About meeting with the heirophant.Creme’ begins studying the crystal taken from the GOlem skull, this shit is spooky. Jen’thik meets with Relda, tanner approaches while relda does his morning warmup. It looks hilarious as he flails his arm. Jen’thik ask for help as he approches the group, we will go South again. The party moves swiftly and meets a courier. We meet Lietenant Barkley. Jen’thik meets with the lieutenant and strikes a deal, we will show him proof of Golem termination. We run the head to the registrars office. Lieutenant Haley meets us and offers us money for information on the Obleon family’s mansion. We will hold off, Tanner insists, so as to increase the value of our knowledge.
Jen’thik proposes Melquades starts a whore-house and, perhaps, murder the whore-house owner(s). He gigggles, and feigns interest. Jen’thik promotes the Lavendar light district, and the Lavendar light district. He proposes Whore Alley, and instead the two decide on seeking information from whores, with gold. This is a private conversation. The party is walking to the temple together. We arrive and Relda is led to the HEirophant. An old man in brown ragged robes is found writing on scrolls. He looks up and is intrigued, “Another Gnome eh? Nathan, grab my friend a stool”. Relda proposes his “Clerics Guild” and fully explains his attempts to restore the Devastation zone. “An assault on the darkness” he proposes. The Priest refutes combat. Relda explain s why order and law are necessary at a time like this. The heirophant confides in Relda that he is afraid of a rebellion/uprising and explains how he’d like to gain entrance to their facility. The group seeks aid in their devastated state, as their wounds still lay open. He explains the cost will be 1000g for each set of recipe to get the spell cast. It will not entirely heal any one of the wounds. Relda admits to pulling the lever and tells the entire story. The Heirophant slaps Relda. Creme finds a book from the Clerics. Through the bar, while speaking to the whores, they meet with Teresa and Ronaldo and setup a possible contract with them for more assistance and protection on the route north to south. Their organization name is The Black Roses. We travel back North with our newfound friends (they are prospecting the run to determine its worth). A section of road collapses into the sewer and Orcs rush out of a nearby building. We offer them Sanctuary after rescuing a series of orcs from the building and carry on North. We nearly encounter a large party of orcs with Golem Armor. Teresa sets up a Gatling gun and aims it at the party to keep them at bay. The gnome flirts awkwardly with Teresa. Jen’thik splits off and examines a Stockade.He comes back and shares his amassed info. He proposes anew contract to Teresa and ROnaldo, so as to get assistance with these orcs. She will kil all the orcs for 800g, her and Jen’thik have decided. We approach the Orc encampment and Teresa begins assembling her weapons as they move forward. Jen’thik sets up a white flag on a stick, to indicate peace. We walk forward and the mercenaries protect us as we are moving forward. Ronaldo is wearing a black trench coat and is bald, with a wide brimmed hat. There is a double doored gate in a wall that was seemingly constructed by the Orcs. He asks the Orcs for a pack of mutual non-aggression. We agree to trade in the future. The Orc talks about the area they will control, and how it will run to the sea so they will be where they need to go.



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