Binding refers to the science of calling and binding an elemental to an apparatus for the purpose of providing magical power. A person does not need to be able to perform magic in order to use or perform binding, and a person is only required to finalize the contract with the summoned elemental.


Basic Application

Elemental Binding is the principle form of power in both Denos and Azer-Baresh and functions in a manner that is basically equivalent to electricity. Energy from binding outlets can also be used to provide power to specially made spell tokens, allowing non-mages to ‘use magic’ in the home.

Civil Application

Binding Fields

In major cities Binding power is also projected in keyed fields that can provide enchantments to specially crafted weapons and armor, providing a cheap alternative to traditional magic equipment, as long as your in town.


Bound Engines are used to power trains in rural areas, and in cities Trolleys are able to draw power from specially designed rails.


Large generators typically ‘leak’ elemental energy into the surrounding landscape, and poor planning can lead to dangerous ecological ramifications. However this can also be used advantageously. For example, in Acturus, generators powered by Fire Elementals were erected in a traditionally swampy area to make more livable area, while Water Elementals were used in dry outlying territories to make farm land.


Binding is considered recently ‘discovered’, having been harnessed directly by Denosian Scientists about 60 years ago. The discovery has made them a major power in the world once more, but has also opened doors revealing that the Precursors utilized technology similar to binding in order to power their Golems and ruins.

Currently Bound generators are in use around the known world. The capital of Denos, Acturus, is powered by a ring of 8 massive generators


Binding introduces two skills to the Pathfinders system:

Craft (Binding)
This skill allows a person to be able to craft binding arrays and to create devices or systems that can utilize power provided by binding.

Ranks 1-5
Able to hack unsecured bound tech. Such as unlocking simple bound doors, altering a Denosian bound weapon to run off a Azer’Bareshi binding field. Simple binding tech such as amplitude scanners.

Ranks 6-10
Able to hack simple secured bound tech. Able to craft small bound generators (think 2 liter engine) and enter contracts to power them. Able to craft +1 field weapons

Knowledge (Binding)
This skill refers to a persons underlying knowledge of the principles of binding, and affects their ability to interact with Binding magic regardless of who developed it.
History (Binding)
This skill refers to a persons knowledge of the history of Binding. A low score might only know about the recent history of the art, while a high score might know about other cultures binding, or references in mythology.


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